The new best way to learn VBA

Powerful Library

Automatically import hundreds of VBA macros from wellsr.com directly into your spreadsheet.

Unparalleled Access

Organize your own macros and even share your creations with the entire wellsrPRO community.

Instant Updates

Instant access to the latest articles from the VBA Tutorials Blog. The most recent tutorials automatically appear in a dropdown menu right in your Excel ribbon.

In addition, wellsrPRO contains a number of powerful built in user-defined functions to enhance the capabilities of Excel.

Learn VBA as you work, strengthen your macro skills, and expand the power of Excel with wellsrPRO.

The Power of Auto-Import

Auto-Import is a revolutionary feature that lets you import hundreds of sample macros from wellsr.com.

Select any wellsr.com VBA tutorial directly from Excel and download the macros straight to your Visual Basic Editor.

This unparalleled access to hundreds of macros from wellsr.com will make you the most powerful developer in your office.

Each new tutorial posted on wellsr.com will automatically appear in wellsrPRO, so you can immediately import the macros and test them out. Each new article is a new tool in your VBA toolbox.

Your Personal Macro Library

This is where things start to get fun. In addition to accessing hundreds of pre-built macros from the wellsr.com VBA Tutorials Blog, you can organize your own macros and even share your creations with the wellsrPRO community.

Each macro you add will be available via Auto-Import whenever you need them. The macros you share will be screened by the staff at wellsr.com and, once approved, will be available for other wellsrPRO users to enjoy!

The more macros you share, the more the wellsrPRO community benefits. Together, we can crowdsource VBA!

Keep your Favorite Macros at your Fingertips

Find yourself adding the same macros over and over to your spreadsheets?

Mark the macros and demos you use the most as Favorites. Macros in your Favorites are prioritized for quick importing.

Develop your VBA programs faster than ever with Favorites and the convenient Auto-Import feature of wellsrPRO.

My Gift To You

wellsrPRO is an innovative Excel Add-in that transforms Excel into your own personal macro library - allowing you to seemlessly import hundreds of macros directly from the expert VBA tutorials at wellsr.com and from other great developers throughout the wellsrPRO community. I know. It's hard to believe something this good can be free!

The groundbreaking Auto-Import feature and elegant design will revolutionize the way you program and learn VBA. There's really no other product like this on the market. The ones that offer HALF the features are sold for over $150. Seriously!

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