The best way to write macros is now FREE

200+ Pre-Built Macros

Our Automatic Macro Generator will save you hours of coding by letting you import hundreds of VBA macros from wellsr.com directly into your spreadsheet.

Save Your Macros

Save your existing macros so you can instantly add them to any spreadsheet you want. Creating your own code library is one of the many reasons why developers love our Automatic Macro Generator.

The Power of our Automatic Macro Generator

Our Automatic Macro Generator is a revolutionary feature that lets you import hundreds of fully-functional macros from our growing list on wellsr.com directly into your spreadsheet. This innovative access is why wellsrPRO is so successful at teaching you VBA.

Each new tutorial posted on wellsr.com will automatically appear in wellsrPRO, so you can immediately import the macros and incorporate them into your own spreadsheet.

Save the macros you use the most and they'll be available when you need to add them to a new project.

Your Personal Macro Library

This is where things start to get fun. In addition to accessing hundreds of pre-built macros from the wellsr.com VBA Tutorials Blog, you can organize your own macros and even share your creations with others in the wellsrPRO community.

Each macro you add will be available via the Automatic Macro Generator whenever you need them.

I love hearing stories from programmers describing how much time their macro library saves them! It dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to create robust VBA applications from scratch.

Master VBA without leaving Excel

Instant access to the latest tutorials from the VBA Tutorials Blog means you'll be able to expand your VBA knowledge without leaving Excel. The most recent tutorials automatically appear in a dropdown menu right in your Excel ribbon.

We've also built in several powerful native functions to enhance the capabilities of Excel, including a linear interpolation tool and a cell comparison feature.

Opening tutorials to answer all your macro questions without ever leaving Excel is one of the reasons wellsrPRO the best way to learn VBA.

Keep your Favorite Macros at your Fingertips

Find yourself adding the same macros over and over to your spreadsheets?

Mark the macros you use the most as Favorites. Macros in your Favorites are prioritized for quick importing and are much more portable than using a Personal.xlsb file. This is a great feature for making VBA applications accessible over a network.

The bottom line is you'll be able to develop your VBA programs faster than ever with Favorites and the convenient Automatic Macro Generator feature of wellsrPRO.

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wellsrPRO is an innovative new VBA Training Program that transforms Excel into your own personal macro library - allowing you to seamlessly import hundreds of macros directly from the expert VBA tutorials at wellsr.com and from other great developers throughout the wellsrPRO community.

The unique Automatic Macro Generator feature and elegant design changed the way I write macros and I know it will do the same for you. I wrote this program because similar programs are way too expensive (over $150), and I wanted others to see how much better VBA can be with a tool like this. Join over 7,500 people discovering why this is their favorite way to write macros.

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The best way to write macros is now FREE

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