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Featured Python Tutorials

Python Artificial Neural Network

Python Artificial Neural Network

Learn how to implement a deep artificial neural network from scratch in Python without using any machine learning library.

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Merging Pandas DataFrames

Merging DataFrames with the Pandas Merge Function

Much like joining tables in SQL, we're going to explain left, right, inner and outer joins using the Pandas Merge function

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Python Virtual Environments

Python Virtual Environments: When and How to Use Them

Learn about Python virtual environments, which are isolated directories containing their own Python interpreter, packages, dependencies and scripts.

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Why Python?

Powerful Libraries

Python provides numerous powerful libraries including NumPy, Pandas and SciPy, ideal for data analysis, and Matplotlib, great for data visualization.

Easy to Learn and Use

Python has a simple syntax, making it easy to learn and use. It also has an extensive standard library and a large community of developers.

Cross-platform Compatibility

Python is a cross-platform language, meaning code written on one platform can be easily executed on another. This makes it ideal for building applications that run on multiple operating systems.

Scalability and Flexibility

Python is highly scalable and flexible, making it an ideal choice for building complex and large-scale applications. It can be used for web development, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analysis, and much more.

Why VBA?

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Use VBA to automate tasks in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. You can even use VBA to control external programs through the Windows operating system.

Build Powerful Macros

Macros are the perfect way to save time in Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook. Save hours of manual work and boost your productivity.

Automate Office Tasks

Use VBA to automate repetitive Office tasks like data entry, formatting, and report generation. Save time by letting your computer do the work for you.

Access the Windows API

Use VBA to access the Windows API (Application Programming Interface) to control Windows applications, system functions, and even the Windows operating system itself.

Comprehensive VBA Training Material

VBA Cheat Sheets

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Ultimate VBA Training Bundle

The most affordable way to own all six of our comprehensive reference guides is with this bundle of over 200 tips and macros covering the 125 most important topics in VBA.


VBA UserForms

Our VBA UserForms Cheat Sheet describes all 16 UserForm controls and explains which properties you need to modify to get them looking sharp.


VBA Fundamentals

With over 30 useful tips covering the 25 most important topics in VBA, this essential cheat sheet is designed to help you overcome the "growing pains" from learning VBA.


VBA Logic and Loops

Our Logic and Loops Cheat Sheet fully explains complex conditional statements and describes each of the 5 VBA loop structures with helpful examples and syntax highlighting.


VBA Arrays Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is full of premium tips and tricks for working with arrays. It features over 20 macro examples and is setup in a beautiful multi-column reference guide


Using VBA Strings

The largest VBA Cheat Sheet we've ever made, this guide explains every string manipulation function and even covers complex operations, like executing a regex with pattern recognition.


File I/O Cheat Sheet

This 3-page reference guide includes everything you need to know about File I/O, including multiple ways to read from files, write to files, append to files, and prepend to files.