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How to write macros in Excel

If you're new to VBA, you should start with these fundamentals. Once you're comfortable with them, you'll be able to follow our advanced VBA tutorials with ease.

How to create a macro in Excel


Enable Excel Developer Tab


Open VBA Editor in Excel


Writing a macro


Using the Macro Recorder


Commenting in VBA

Navigating your spreadsheet with VBA


Using the VBA Range object


How to select cells with VBA


Controlling different workbooks


Macros to control worksheets

Understanding VBA Variables


VBA Variable Types


How to Declare Variables


Variable Scope and Lifetime


Understanding Option Explicit

Don't settle for average

I was content with my foundational VBA knowledge for too long. Truth is, it's not enough. When you push yourself to learn more about writing macros, people notice. I want you to join over 6000 people pushing themselves to get better at VBA so they can automate more tasks and free up more time.

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Essential VBA Training Material


VBA Fundamentals

With over 30 useful tips covering the 25 most important topics in VBA, this essential cheat sheet is designed to help you overcome the "growing pains" from learning VBA.


VBA Logic and Loops

Our Logic and Loops Cheat Sheet fully explains complex conditional statements and describes each of the 5 VBA loop structures with helpful examples and syntax highlighting.


VBA Arrays Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is full of premium tips and tricks for working with arrays. It features over 20 macro examples and is setup in a beautiful multi-column reference guide


Using VBA Strings

The largest VBA Cheat Sheet we've ever made, this guide explains every string manipulation function and even covers complex operations, like executing a regex with pattern recognition.


File I/O Cheat Sheet

This 3-page reference guide includes everything you need to know about File I/O, including multiple ways to read from files, write to files, append to files, and prepend to files.

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Ultimate VBA Training Bundle

We've combined each of our comprehensive reference guides into a single bundle with over 180 tips and macros covering the 100 most important topics in VBA.

How can I learn Excel VBA?

How I taught myself VBA

A story of what not to do

One day I decided I would try to program everything I do in Excel. And I mean everything.

When I first started out, I would spend 10x more time Googling how to do something with VBA than it would take me to actually do it manually in Excel! I wasn't born knowing how to find the last used row in Excel. I had to learn!

For months, I would read VBA forums and Google my VBA questions. It was an extremely slow, extremely painful process. I wasn't even good yet, and I was already getting bored trying to program the same things over and over again with VBA.

It was at this point that I began using VBA forums as a tool to spur my creativity. As I got comfortable writing macros, I would read about the challenges other people were having with Excel VBA, and I would sharpen my skills by trying to solve their problems.

It wasn't easy at first, but it gave me a way to practice in areas of VBA that I normally wouldn't use. Not only that, it introduced me to VBA concepts I had no idea were even possible For instance, did you know you can make Excel talk with VBA?

How you should learn VBA

Learn from my mistakes

I developed a 3 part system to make learning VBA fast and easy for you. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Complete my Free Online Excel Training Program, which is designed to teach you the fundamentals of writing macros in Excel.
  2. Install the wellsrPRO Excel Add-in.
  3. Click each VBA tutorial that appears on the wellsrPRO Excel ribbon.

wellsrPRO truly is the best way to learn VBA. I made this tool so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did when I taught myself VBA.

wellsrPRO gives you access to all the VBA tutorials I've posted on this site without ever leaving Excel. From the add-in, you'll be able to import the VBA code examples directly into your spreadsheet and save the ones you use regularly.

Motivation for the journey

Everybody needs a reason to stay motivated when learning a new skill. Let me share a few inspirational ideas to keep you going.

  • You'll make fewer mistakes in Excel because VBA will do your job automatically.
  • Your powerful workbooks will get you recognized as the Excel guru in your office.
  • You'll know how to make yourself stand out to your boss with incredible VBA tricks, like creating an Excel Splash Screen for your spreadsheets.
  • You can shave hours off your workday by automating mundane tasks.