VBA Arrays Cheat Sheet

You know how to declare arrays and populate them, but do you know how to sort them? What about filter them or find out where an item is in your array?

Many VBA developers think they know a lot about arrays, but they've really just scratched the surface about what arrays can do. They don't know how to remove duplicates from their arrays using a scripting dictionary and they certainly don't know how to return the dimensions of their arrays.

Arrays are a complicated topic. When you start manipulating your arrays, it's hard to remember exactly how to do it. That's why we developed our wellsrPRO VBA Array Cheat Sheet. Print out this cheat sheet and refer to it each time you're working with Arrays. You'll understand why once you have it!

This reference guide contains over 20 pre-built macros and snippets you'll use all the time with your arrays. With this multi-column PDF, you'll be able to easily copy and paste the macros you need to sort your arrays, filter your arrays, remove duplicates from your arrays and so much more. In addition to advanced topics, it also contains refreshers for basic concepts like declaring and resizing your arrays.

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Latest Reviews

I thought I knew a lot about arrays, but boy was a wrong! In addition to all the tips, I love how you can copy and paste the macro examples directly from this cheat sheet. It really saves me a lot of time!

Posted by Jacob L.

The tips for printing an array back to a worksheet are quite helpful, and I like how the PDF has links back to advanced tutorials online if I want to dig a little deeper.

Posted by Nigel C.

I keep forgetting how to declare and quickly add values to my dynamic multi-dimensional arrays. This cheat is a great reminder! I actually have it printed out and laying on my desks since I like to use arrays to speed up my macros.

Posted by April O.
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