VBA Strings Cheat Sheet

By describing every string manipulation function and including RegEx pattern recognition tips, this is easily the most comprehensive reference guide devoted to VBA strings around. It even contains custom ready-to-go User Defined Functions to give you even more control over strings and it describes how to parse, convert, compare, search, and replace a substring in a string.

Made in collaboration with some of the brightest experts in VBA, this 4-page multi-column PDF is the largest cheat sheet we've ever made, making it an incredible value. It's packed full of tips describing everything you could possibly want to know about working with and controlling strings in VBA.

VBA Regex Excerpt

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Latest Reviews

Thank you so much! I like how the keywords in the function examples are colored in red so it's easy to find the one you need.

Posted by Allison G.

The macros for comparing strings and using RegEx pattern recognition tools are really helpful. There are so many functions I didn't know existed.

Posted by John M.
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