VBA File Input/Output Cheat Sheet

Our file I/O cheat sheet truly is filled with everything you need to know about VBA File I/O. In total, this comprehensive PDF cheat sheet includes 50 tips for working with files and over 30 file input/output macro examples! Split into three parts, this reference guide is the largest cheat sheet we've ever made and takes an in-depth look at:

  • Reading and writing files using the VBA Open Statement
  • Working with files and folders using the FileSystemObject
  • Customizing user interactions with Application.FileDialog boxes

Working with files in Excel is essential for quick data analysis. Automatically controlling files using VBA speeds up tedious data import and reduces the likelihood of human error.

Each page of this multi-column File I/O Reference Guide is packed full of information, and it's designed to make you a faster VBA developer.

Once you download our File I/O Reference Guide, you'll never forget how to extract data from text files, CSV files, or binary files. You'll know how to quickly jump to a particular line in your file and even how to append new data to an existing file.

Built with you in mind, this cheat sheet is full of macro examples, so the next time you need to manipulate files, simply copy and paste our fully functional macros directly from this guide.

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Latest Reviews

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've never seen a good guide for controlling my files before this one. I've always found working with files to be complicated, but this wellsrPRO cheat sheet explains each method so well - and boy are there are a lot of methods!

Posted by Tom D.

I thought this cheat sheet would only have the basics for opening, reading and writing to files using the "Open" statement, but it has so much more than that! It goes into great detail, with easy to understand explanations, about the FileSystemObject and all the TextStream class methods.

Posted by Arthur A.

I never knew you could make pop-up dialog boxes to let my coworkers interactively select which files they want to process. This makes it so easy to make my macros more flexible. With all the macro examples, this cheat sheet is seriously a one-stop shop for handling files!

Posted by Jessica D.
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