VBA Logic and Loops Cheat Sheet

If you're new to VBA, you need to print this cheat sheet and leave it by your desk at all times. This cheat sheet dives deep into IF...THEN, FOR...NEXT, DO...WHILE and several more essential VBA logic and loop topics. As a matter of fact, each of the 5 VBA loop structures are fully explained with helpful examples and syntax highlighting.

With the Logic and Loops Cheat Sheet, complex conditional statements and nested loops will be a breeze. Inside this cheat sheet, you'll find:

  • 30 useful VBA tips covering over a dozen logic and loop topics in VBA.
  • Over 15 comprehensive VBA macros fully demonstrating how to use loops and conditional statements to enhance your macros.

The 8.5"x11" PDF is your one-stop cheat sheet for learning everything you need to know to get started using conditional logic and iterating with loops in VBA. Print out this multi-column PDF and keep it by your computer at all times. You'll be glad you did!

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Latest Reviews

I just started learning VBA at my new job and I found this "cheat sheet" to be quite helpful. I don't have all the loops memorized and I forget how to exit my loops early, so I'm really glad I came across this cheat sheet. It's nice not having to search online for every little question.

Posted by Mark H.

I like how this PDF starts off with a list of all the comparison operators and logical operators. I spend a lot of time programming in other languages, so it's good to be able to refer to this so I don't get my programming language syntax mixed up.

Posted by Amy L.
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