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With our VBA Reference Guides, you won't have to worry about struggling to remember VBA syntax. Combined, these five PDFs give you over 180 tips and macros covering the 100 most important topics in VBA. Save 48% when you bundle these 5 wellsrPRO VBA training guides.

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All our VBA cheat sheets are delivered in PDF format and are available for immediate download.

VBA Cheat Sheet File IO

File Input/Output


Split into three parts, this three page Reference Guide takes an in-depth look at the VBA Open Statement, the FileSystemObject, and Application.FileDialog boxes. It includes everything you need to know about File I/O, including multiple ways to read from files, write to files, append to files, and prepend to files.

Handling Arrays


This cheat sheet is full of premium tips and tricks for working with arrays. It features over 20 macro examples and is setup in a beautiful 2-page printable reference guide designed to help you declare, populate, sort, and filter your arrays.

Using Strings


By describing every string manipulation function and including RegEx pattern recognition tips, this is easily the most comprehensive reference guide devoted to VBA strings around. It even describes how to parse, convert, compare, search, and replace a substring in a string.

Logic and Loops


Dive deep into IF THEN, FOR NEXT, DO WHILE and many more logic and loop topics with this cheat sheet featuring 30 VBA tips and over a dozen macro examples. With this cheat sheet, complex conditional statements and nested loops will be a breeze.

VBA Fundamentals


Great for beginners, this cheat sheet includes over 30 useful VBA tips covering the 25 most important topics in VBA. It also crams in over 20 helpful VBA macros!

Why I made these cheat sheets

Ryan Wells

Hi, I'm Ryan Wells - a professional VBA developer and nuclear engineer. I see people struggling with Excel every day, and I want to help. That's why I made these VBA Cheat Sheets. I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did when I taught myself VBA all those years ago.

I used to spend hours each week constantly searching online for answers to make my macros behave the way I wanted them to. It was so frustrating! You don't have to struggle with Excel, like I did. Just print out these cheat sheets and leave them by your desk. The next time you need to write a macro, pull them out and you'll have all the information you need.