Enabling the developer tab in Microsoft Outlook 2010 is important if you want to develop Outlook Macros. This quick guide will help you enable it.

Tutorial - Enabling Developer Tab in Outlook 2010

  1. Enable Developer Tab
    1. File
    2. Options
    3. Customize Ribbon
    4. Check “Developer” in the right column

      Enable Developer Tab Outlook 2010

  2. Enable Macros
    1. Trust Center
      You should still be in Outlook Options
    2. Trust Center Settings
    3. Macro Settings
    4. Click “Enable all macros”

      Enable all macros Outlook 2010

    5. Press OK to exit Trust Center
    6. Press OK to exit Outlook Options

Your developer tab will now appear on the top ribbon, giving you quick access to the VBA editor and Macros.

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