I’m excited to announce a brand new add-in from wellsr.com: PDF VBA. PDF VBA automatically converts all kinds of Excel objects to PDFs - objects other PDF add-ins only DREAM of doing.

PDF VBA Excel Add-In Ribbon

Management loves PDFs - deliver your products in the style they want!

This flexible add-in lets you choose what you want to save and whether or not you want to combine your objects into a single PDF or export them separately. Use it to convert Sheets, Charts, Tables, and Ranges to PDFs.

PDF VBA Excel Add-In

PDF VBA will save you time by mass exporting all the data you could possibly imagine from your awesome Excel spreadsheets into convenient PDF files - automatically.

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  • Charts, Tables Sheets and Ranges to PDF
  • Rapidly Export Multiple Excel Objects
  • Combine into one PDF or Automatically save Separately
  • Excel 2007 and newer
  • Windows OS
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support


Charts to PDF in PDF VBA
Save Charts to PDF

Tables to PDF in PDF VBA
Save Tables to PDF

Sheets to PDF in PDF VBA
Save Sheets to PDF

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About Ryan Wells

Ryan Wells

Ryan Wells is a Nuclear Engineer and professional VBA Developer. He is the lead developer of several VBA applications, including PDF VBA - a leading Excel Add-in for exporting Excel Objects, like charts and tables, to PDFs. Discover more of his popular Excel Add-ins, including Mouse To Macro and CF Shapes, at his dedicated Excel Add-ins page.