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I see people struggling with Excel every day and I want to help.

That's why I developed these resources to help you write better macros in half the time.

VBA Training

Ultimate VBA Training Bundle

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We've combined each of our comprehensive reference guides into a single bundle with over 150 tips and macros covering the 80 most important topics in VBA.

File Input/Output


This 3-page reference guide includes everything you need to know about File I/O, including multiple ways to read from files, write to files, append to files, and prepend to files.

Handling Arrays


This cheat sheet is full of premium tips and tricks for working with arrays. It features over 20 macro examples and is setup in a beautiful 2-page reference guide.

Using Strings


By describing every string manipulation function and including RegEx pattern recognition tips, this is easily the most comprehensive reference guide devoted to VBA strings around.

Logic and Loops


Dive deep into IF THEN, FOR NEXT, DO WHILE and many more logic and loop topics with this cheat sheet featuring 30 VBA tips and over a dozen macro examples.



This cheat sheet includes over 30 useful VBA tips covering the 25 most important topics in VBA. It also crams in over 20 helpful VBA macros!

Other VBA Tools

The Excel VBA Handbook


If you plan on building VBA applications, you need to follow the methods in this training course. The Excel VBA Handbook is the only available course that teaches you how to build VBA applications from scratch.

Mouse to Macro


Use Excel to record your mouse clicks and cursor movements and convert them directly into VBA macros so you can automate your mouse.



Automatically import hundreds of VBA macros directly into your spreadsheet and organize your own macro library with my best-selling add-in.



The default methods to password protect your macros can easily be hacked. Protect your intellectual VBA property from hackers and prying eyes like I do with Unviewable+.



Export all kinds of Excel objects to PDFs. Choose what you want to save and how you want to save them!

VBA Books

Excel Macro Mastery

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Written by Paul Kelly, this book is great for beginners wanting to dip their feet in the VBA waters. Paul starts with some ice breaker questions before jumping into the three magic elements of VBA.

VBA and Macros: Microsoft Excel 2010

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Written by Mr. Excel himself, Bill Jelen, this is without a doubt the best book for learning VBA. This book covers everything you could possibly want to know about Excel macros in a comprehensive, yet understandable, way.

Mastering VBA for Microsoft Office 2016

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Fully updated to cover all the latest VBA tools and tricks in Excel 2016, Richard does a good job explaining the terminology to avoid scaring readers off with programming lingo.

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