The Ultimate VBA Training Bundle

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The Ultimate VBA Training Bundle will tell you everything you need to know to become a better VBA programmer. We've packed over 200 tips and macros covering the 125 most important topics in VBA into this bundle.

We've combined each of our six comprehensive reference guides into a single VBA training bundle so you'll be able to "cheat" your way from a beginner-level developer all the way to an advanced programmer. You'll save over 50% when you purchase our entire VBA training suite. That means, you'll get each of these comprehensive cheat sheets:

  1. The Fundamentals of VBA (Beginner)
  2. VBA Logic and Loops (Beginner)
  3. How to Handle Arrays in VBA (Intermediate)
  4. Working with Strings (Intermediate)
  5. File Input/Output (Advanced)
  6. VBA UserForms (Advanced)

Once you download this bundle, you'll never forget how to extract data from text files, CSV files, or binary files. Figuring out how to remove duplicates from an array will be a thing of the past. In addition to instantly knowing the proper syntax for controlling each of the 5 VBA loops, you'll see special macro tips like how to efficiently control your spreadsheet, how to read a file line by line, how to sort your arrays from smallest to largest, and how to dynamically add items to a listbox on your userform.

VBA Cheat Sheets

These six cheat sheets truly are filled with everything you need to know to become an Excel VBA expert. Because we made them with you in mind, each page of our multi-column cheat sheets are packed full of information designed to make you a better VBA developer. The next time you're working on a program, simply apply the tricks in our cheat sheets and copy and paste fully functional macros directly from our guides.

Grab your Ultimate VBA Training Bundle and save over 50%.

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Latest Reviews

When Ryan says these guides are packed full of information, he means it! Every page of these cheat sheets has 2 or 3 columns full of VBA stuff. There's hardly any unused white space on them, which I really appreciate it. Some people sell books or guides that are 50-60 pages or more, but there's so much fluff that they're not really helpful. Not to mention it's hard to find what you're looking for in a 60 page book... With these action-packed cheat sheets, it's easy to absorb the information and finding what you're looking for later is super fast.

Posted by Seth T.

Something about having all these cheat sheets printed out on my desk makes me feel like a real developer. When I need a reminder for how to declare module or project level variables, I just flip over to my "fundamentals" cheat sheet and get a quick refresher. They're pretty inspiring!

Posted by Jacob N.

I really wanted all the wellsrPRO cheat sheets, but I couldn't spend $120. I'm glad I stumbled across this bundle! Saving $63 is a great deal, and, believe me, the cheat sheets are worth every penny.

Posted by Robert S.
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