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Looking for Excel VBA Tutorials?

VBA to Sort a Column and Sort Multiple Columns

Sep 5, 2020

Learn how to use VBA to sort by columns and understand all the Columns.Sort parameters. We'll also show you how to use VBA to sort by multiple columns.

Send an email through Gmail using VBA

Aug 28, 2020

Sending an email through Gmail with VBA is easy. Simply reference the proper Gmail SMTP server and configure your macro using the Microsoft CDO library.

Get your VBA Cheat Sheets

$120.00 $57.00

We've combined each of our comprehensive wellsrPRO VBA training reference guides into a single bundle with over 200 tips and macros covering the 125 most important topics in VBA.

Manual Calculations in Excel VBA

Aug 7, 2020

Speed up your programs and inject user interaction by calculating formulas manually in Excel VBA - for all workbooks and even single cells.

VBA MsgBox Yes No Options

Jun 30, 2020

Guide your macro users with Yes and No dialog boxes, and a third option to Cancel, by displaying built-in MsgBox forms with vbYesNo and vbYesNoCancel.

VBA IsNull to Trap Errors and Find Unfilled Values

Jun 5, 2020

Learn the limitations of Null values and how to use the VBA IsNull function to write better macros by trapping errors and finding unfilled values.

New VBA Cheat Sheet!

$120.00 $57.00

We just added a 6th cheat sheet to our training bundle. With our new guide on VBA UserForms, our bundle now has over 200 tips like how to automate data extraction from text files, how to remove duplicates from an array, and how to dynamically populate a listbox.

Find and Replace Cells with VBA

May 8, 2020

Find and replace cells with VBA using the Range.Replace Method. This macro method lets you clean your data, fix mistakes, and improve workbook data quality.

Hiding Sheets with VBA xlSheetHidden and xlSheetVeryHidden

Apr 3, 2020

VBA lets you hide Excel sheets in two ways using the Visible property: with xlSheetHidden and xlSheetVeryHidden, which hides even more evidence of your sheet.

How to Delete Columns with VBA

Mar 6, 2020

Learn how to delete columns in Excel using the VBA Delete method, including how to delete non-adjacent columns and avoid common VBA column deletion errors.

How to Hide and Unhide Columns with VBA

Feb 14, 2020

To hide and unhide columns with VBA, use the Column object and its .Hidden property. Using VBA to hide and unhide columns can greatly enhance your user experience.

Faster Alternatives to VBA PageSetup

Feb 2, 2020

You can speed up the slow Worksheet.PageSetup object by disabling the Application.PrintCommunication property and exploring the Excel 4.0 PAGE.SETUP function.

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