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Looking for Excel VBA Tutorials?

Loop Through the Alphabet with VBA Asc and VBA Chr

Nov 11, 2016

Loop through the alphabet with the Excel VBA Asc and VBA Chr functions. Copy and paste this flexible macro into your own project to loop through the alphabet.

Improve VBA RTrim to Remove Trailing Spaces in Excel

Nov 4, 2016

The VBA RTrim function is a fast way to remove trailing spaces, but what if you want to trim all trailing whitespace, like new line characters and tabs?

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VBA Write to Text File with Print Statement

Oct 28, 2016

Use VBA to write to a text file without quotes by using the Print Statement instead of the Write Statement. Creating text files is easy with VBA.

VBA Close UserForm with Unload Me

Oct 15, 2016

Close a UserForm with VBA by using the Unload Me VBA statement. You can also unload userforms with different names by replacing Me with the name of your form.

Use VBA to Mute, Unmute, Volume Up and Volume Down

Oct 8, 2016

Did you know you can use VBA to control your computers speakers? This tutorial shows you how to mute and unmute your volume and turn your volume up and down.

New VBA Cheat Sheet!

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We just added a 6th cheat sheet to our training bundle. With our new guide on VBA UserForms, our bundle now has over 200 tips like how to automate data extraction from text files, how to remove duplicates from an array, and how to dynamically populate a listbox.

Dynamic Array with ReDim Preserve VBA

Oct 7, 2016

Make a dynamic array with the ReDim Preserve VBA statement. This tutorial will also show you how to make dynamic arrays with 2D and multidimensional arrays.

Prevent Runtime Error 438 in Outlook Application.FileDialog

Sep 24, 2016

The Application.FileDialog dialog boxes will fail with run-time error 438 when running from Outlook VBA. This tutorial shows you how to prevent the error.

VBA Select Folder with msoFileDialogFolderPicker

Sep 23, 2016

Use msoFileDialogFolderPicker to browse for and select a folder with VBA. msoFileDialogFolderPicker is part of the Application.FileDialog family in Excel.

VBA StrReverse to Reverse the Order of a String in Excel

Sep 9, 2016

The VBA StrReverse function reverses the order of a string in Excel. In other words, StrReverse writes your string backward so the string abc becomes cba.

Easily Extract Text Between Two Strings with VBA

Aug 31, 2016

Easily extract text between two strings with this VBA Function. This function can extract a substring between two characters, delimiters, words and more.

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