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Looking for Excel VBA Tutorials?

VBA Absolute Value with Abs function

Apr 14, 2018

Take the absolute value of a number with the VBA Abs function. The VBA Abs function will return the absolute value of a number or variable in your macro.

Square Root in VBA with the Sqr Function

Apr 8, 2018

This VBA tutorial shows you how to take the square root of a number in VBA using the Sqr function. The VBA Sqr function will return the square root of a number.

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VBA Paste Values in Excel with Keyboard Shortcut

Mar 30, 2018

Use VBA to paste values in Excel instead of formulas. Bind this VBA macro to the Ctrl+Shift+V keyboard shortcut to make pasting values even faster.

Find out who has Excel file locked for editing

Mar 23, 2018

Use VBA to find out who has your Excel file locked for editing. Save this macro to your spreadsheet and it will tell you when someone else has the file open.

Excel VBA stop macro execution manually with Esc or Ctrl+Break

Mar 17, 2018

In VBA, you can stop your macro execution manually with the Esc key or by pressing Ctrl+Break. Remember this the next time you need to exit an infinite loop.

Mouse to Macro Excel Add-in


Use Excel to record your mouse clicks and cursor movements and convert them directly into VBA macros so you can easily automate complex tasks, like copying data from a website.

VBA Application.Wait to Pause for Specific Time

Mar 9, 2018

Use the VBA Application.Wait method to pause your macro for a specific amount of time. Application.Wait lets you delay your macro by a fixed number of seconds.

Application.CalculationState to wait until formulas are done calculating

Feb 16, 2018

You can check Application.CalculationState if you want to wait until the formulas on your sheet are done calculating before resuming your VBA macro.

The VBA Mod Operator Explained

Feb 2, 2018

The VBA Mod operator is the VBA equivalent of the Excel MOD function. You use the VBA modulo operator to return the remainder after dividing two numbers.

Excel Change Negative to Positive and Positive to Negative with VBA

Jan 20, 2018

Change negative numbers to positive numbers and positive numbers to negative numbers in Excel by using VBA. These macros reverse the sign of cells in Excel.

Use VBA Sleep to Add Time Delay to Macro

Jan 12, 2018

Use the VBA Sleep function to add a macro time delay. The Sleep function is better than Application.Wait because it lets you pause macros for milliseconds.

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