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Looking for Excel VBA Tutorials?

The Complete Guide to Excel VBA Form Control Checkboxes

Dec 4, 2015

This guide will teach you everything you want to know about using Excel Form Control Checkboxes with VBA, including checking, unchecking and assigning a macro.

Convert String to Date with VBA CDate

Nov 27, 2015

Learn how to convert a data type from a string to a date with the VBA Type Conversion function CDate. This is Part 3 of the Data Type Conversion Series.

Ultimate VBA Training Bundle

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We've combined each of our comprehensive wellsrPRO VBA training reference guides into a single bundle with over 180 tips and macros covering the 100 most important topics in VBA.

Two ways to activate a program with VBA if already open

Nov 20, 2015

You know how to open a program, file or folder with VBA Shell, but how do you activate an application that is already open? Keep reading to discover how!

Draw Excel Lines or Arrows Between Cells with VBA

Oct 30, 2015

Use this macro to draw Excel arrows between cells with VBA. You can also use it to draw lines or other connectors between cells.

Excel Advent Calendar Contest

Oct 9, 2015

Countdown the days to Christmas and enter for your chance to win a VBA Christmas gift with this interactive Excel Advent Calendar from Spreadsheet1.

Mouse to Macro Excel Add-in


Use Excel to record your mouse clicks and cursor movements and convert them directly into VBA macros so you can easily automate complex tasks, like copying data from a website.

Call VBA VLookup Function with Application.WorksheetFunction

Sep 25, 2015

Use Application.WorksheetFunction to call vlookup, min, max and many more built-in Excel functions directly from your VBA macro. This tutorial will show you how.

Use VBA CStr to Convert Number to String

Sep 18, 2015

Learn how to use the VBA CStr function to convert a number to a string. CStr can also be used to convert a date to a string using VBA.

Convert String to Integer with VBA CInt

Sep 11, 2015

This VBA tutorial shows you how to convert a data type from a string to an integer with the VBA Type Conversion function CInt. Robust error checks included!

VBA ColorIndex Color Infographic

Aug 25, 2015

VBA ColorIndex lets you reference 56 pre-defined colors and even customize the default colors using VBA. There are also 8 named color constants.

Unicode, Decimal, ASCII and more with VBA StrConv

Aug 21, 2015

Use the VBA StrConv function to convert strings to upper, lower or proper case. The powerful StrConv function even has built in support for converting to Unicode.

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