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Looking for Excel VBA Tutorials?

Combine PDFs with VBA and Adobe Acrobat

Sep 8, 2017

Combine PDFs with VBA using this macro. The simplicity of this tutorial illustrates how easy it is to use Adobe Acrobat to merge PDF files in Word and Excel.

Return Position of Element in VBA Array

Aug 27, 2017

Return the position of an element in an array with this function from the VBA code library. This UDF is a great tool to have when working with arrays.

Ultimate VBA Training Bundle

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We've combined each of our comprehensive wellsrPRO VBA training reference guides into a single bundle with over 180 tips and macros covering the 100 most important topics in VBA.

Excel VBA Assign Range to Array

Aug 18, 2017

Discover how easy it is to assign a range to an array using Excel VBA. You will also learn how to avoid common errors, like run-time error 13 type mismatch.

Beautiful VBA Progress Bar with Step by Step Instructions

Aug 3, 2017

Make your macros stand out by creating this beautiful VBA Progress Bar to illustrate the progress. This tutorial walks you through how to make the UserForm.

VBA Column Number to Letter

Jul 30, 2017

Use this VBA function to convert a column number to a letter. This is useful if you need to build a range and you want to do so with the A1 notation.

Mouse to Macro Excel Add-in


Use Excel to record your mouse clicks and cursor movements and convert them directly into VBA macros so you can easily automate complex tasks, like copying data from a website.

Excel VBA Delete Blank Rows

Jul 14, 2017

Delete blank rows in Excel with this VBA macro. There are dozens of way to delete blank rows in Excel. The macro in this tutorial is a fast way to do it.

Transparent UserForm Background with VBA

Jul 4, 2017

Make a VBA UserForm with a transparent background with these macros. You can also make the background of your controls transparent by following this tutorial.

VBA RoundUp WorksheetFunction to Round Up

Jun 30, 2017

Round Up with VBA by using the Excel RoundUp function. By calling the Worksheet Function, your VBA macro will round numbers up just like in Excel.

Find the Closest Number in a Range with this VBA UDF

Jun 21, 2017

Pass this VBA function a range of cells and a number that you want to find a number closest to and it will return the value in the range closest to your target.

VBA Random Number with Rnd and Randomize

Jun 9, 2017

Generate random numbers in VBA by using the Rnd function. Make the numbers even more random by adding the VBA Randomize statement.

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